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Jonny @ 31.07.2009 10:16 GMT+2
Holy shit, almost 4 years since I last touched this. I might concider redoing the whole page. But right now I am adding som links to some software i find usefull.

Jonny @ 26.10.2005 18:47 GMT+2
It has come to my attention that the scrollbars don't appear as they should in Netscape, but ... who uses Netscape anyway? so i wont put down any effort right now into fixing it. It has been a long time since the last update, mainly due to my lazyness and the low flow of new information in school. Some new files added in the school section, some minor changes in the page. Have a nice halloween.

Jonny @ 08.10.2005 20:47 GMT+2
Site is now also working as it should in Mozilla Firefox witch means it should now work properly on most browsers(new ones, old ones will not work). It has been a long time since the last update because of problems accessing the mnwa.net ftp. But now everything seems to be working fine. Some new files added to the School stuff section and some new links added to the links page. I still want you to add entries to the guestbook, thank you in advance. You may also suggest links to be added to the links page.

Jonny @ 29.09.2005 20:59 GMT+2
The site main interface is as good as done(only tested in IE 6 so far) now the only thing that the site needs is some contence. But it might take a long time to find some use for this site. Some major updates have been made today, got my menu system working as it should in IE and made the main window overflow safe. You may still feel free to sign the guestbook, there is quite little action right now so go ahead and sign if you havent done it yet and feel free to leave some creativ comments on the site design and contentce or just anything else that you might have on your mind.

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